Bozeman, Montana Wedding!

Nick and Kim’s family and friends came together to celebrate their big day in early August. Frank and I are thrilled to welcome Kim into our family. To say it was the highlight of the year is an understatement. The couple have a wonderful group of friends from around the country (and world) and all the thoughtful details made for a truly personal and very beautiful celebration of love.


2 thoughts on “Bozeman, Montana Wedding!

  1. Thank you Robin for both postings. The wedding was very special with the Montana setting. And such a beautiful bride and also beautiful Mother of the groom!! The Mayo Clinic was most interesting and so well put together with supporting information etc. I am happy to be on your mailing list😊 Pat

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    • Thanks Pat and thanks for reading! I hope the Salon went well. We came back from Mayo and after a few days both tested positive for covid! My CDC quarantine is just up today but Frank has a little longer — not because he is contagious but because of his immunosuppressants which make him susceptible to catching other stuff. Ready for this year to be over! See you soon.


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